Wednesday, 29 June 2011

as promised...poetry

this first one was written 15/10/09
others undated but im sure its '09 stuff until the last one....

take note word of the day; WITHIN! :)

{a new book
a new begining
a new journey}

a task but such a journey
to continue to write
when i cant even talk to you


im so drained and im not quite myself
now that ur not around
i could say i dont know what i feel
when really iknow quite well what ive found

a new sence of self
to be in the future
a self truth .. never alone
coz i have myself within
more than before
 i'll know
now this is it
im aware
this desision
to be alone
is the better road
4 my within.. self.

4 a way to begin
and go and grow
to get rid of ur pain
insane by you,
thats not my life
not my road
im not gonna stand on ur road
you can travel alone
or with someone else
but it wont be me
involved in ur rain ..pure pain,
im not gonna stubble anymore on my road
im not gonna stumble along
i'll be fine
this shining sun
is mine
myself within!


beautiful musical notes
floating in my airwaves
for each day
could i have seen
could i have heard (this)
without you
beautiful musical notes


can i ever
look at you the same
see in the good again
within ur name

can i ever
take away the blame
see in the good again
within ur shame


branded within
standing without
how to win
when in this predicament

how not to fall
when to complete
with such a grace,
patients and place

inside fighting wild
no longer a child,
lost and incomplete
wanting to cut this ribbon
walk through this,
knowing all would be forgiven

is it eva gonna happen
so walk tall
i hear the voice speak,
within my disgrace

to be reliving (reborn)
amongst tortured coils
of the living
still i watch the sun rise
and know it wont be our demise


begging for true love
down put please ur sin
we are living,
at a cost
but need not,
it be a loss

/////and ryt now..

thus.. love the real self..
of your person.. human BEING
be who in which u were born
a soul for growth upon lands
u are more than wats wrong
u are more than whats right
u are real here and now
and tonight
please remember
life is beyond earths pain
yes be-yond
youth in mind
yearn for more
in ur name
of this time
we are not wrong
we are beings in waiting
for much much more
love peace and harmony
within ur reach

Diamondsez xo

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