Wednesday, 22 June 2011

and another

one by one... and here i bleed hear my sigh hear me cry..didnt mean to depress ya on ur second visit to me but listening to the foo fighters ryt now...or can join my riot free revolution freedom fighters join the battle for freedom follow me and see what we can make of this!!!!

the words come to free to decide

ill make sure ur a part of this new life too
'if u want to, that is
making it real foreva we will be here and heard in history

making this a space for me to be do u want to join me
come on
come on
come on

state ur place and we will all be history in this postion.. love it or hate this ull c the making of a great.. i swear im not faking this and if ur wondering to read this as a rap or a just rock its rock if u didnt get the hint at the start!
if u think this is not the making of a star at all ur sooooooo wrong coz i can sing as well my friend..
we can win this scene  of disaster.. we just all have to believe..
just wait and we can all sing this truth to the world to the youth miss guided as they may be trust this as a place of safety this is pleasant modern poetry...... trust in faith and we will all see

peace be with you
xo diamondsez

p.s oldskool.. it will get better  and ill be her often so keep up xo

"i sing because of u..i write, in hope ill make it to the edge of the sunrise..where we stand with love in our hearts, and pain in our past... our future shall be born.. on the next train home...never loose sight of the vertical horizons...if that were a possibility.. then mayb i would be..beyond where i stand,here.. on my own. yet i dont fear 'alone' when i have you..although distantly..we still see..the edge of that sunrise becoming nearer...soon it will we walk each day .. one step closer.. we are getting this faith,i believe.. and of our stories we will talk and remember the individual track on which we each played.. as we faught for the dream life to be alive and lived in.. "

poetry is its purest form..words,.. bound by an emotion of any sense.. be that rap or of any kind amplifies the affect of poetic expression

thats me.. freedom at its best xo

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