Wednesday, 29 June 2011

i know i promised poetry..but.. this wats been coming to me..

i wanna be me and know ive sed tym and tym again i dont.. im telling u now i do...
coz of wat i can do so easily i gana make a fool outa all of u.. who think i dont now know nothing..
i know so so much more than ne of the rest of you oh no..
u wondering if ill get to the point soon na dont plan on it at all so put up with that this is just my expression thing before u ask im as good as the man named EM... my voice from the begining.. who loves me toooooooooooo
ive neva let out to so many people..
all about my insane tym up in my brain things were pretty funny..
but my 1st "voice" spirit friend was yeah what i sed before heas that verse all ova again but in a differnet way cant u see im fine but i think its aabout tym i explaind my life in these lines... sooo "shorty.." he sings to me  "..i love you..." but this is all i wrote ha!
so.. all u readin this reading all i wrote..
this all i can do when i aint got a  label (record label that is) to sign my insane brainy plan plane plain Plato plate so take these words and watch this happen ryt writing ryt from the begining i state i am the woman eminem... so u wondering why this way.. i say its all i got but its not all i got all at the same time...

 bless those who are stil there after all the insanity of me but i wouldnt be this spirit without what happened to me.. GOD i praise u for the cards u gave me i can only hope im playing them ryt.. and response being YES .. GOD YES this is RYT WRITTEN writting my fight ...

so wrong in this place but i face the worst thing to make a change that ull all understand in the LORDS biggest plan.. me up thea next to em .. no more invisible friends its tym those spirit projections in my evryday took a new look at this thing called diamond or as i used to say die mind but thatss no more what i want, wantn what ive got to become visible to everyone so if ur confused think about the echos u hear i know uve all heard me speak in ur ears! telepathy my friends is a real thing its just no one talks about the posibility that if we used more than 5% of our brain power what could be possible

 by the way wen u read this put some marshal mathers on and see if it works to the beat.. its a test find the song i was inspired by when i wrote this absolute fire writing in the devils dimise ill take this evil and turn the devil / lived into last life in this evil shit hell to ever stand ive talked to the devil and he wants to be a good man.. again a chance at life should one give.
. jesus for our sins and the devil seems to live satan here i write for u natas i will now call u.

 and say good bye the past i hear you cry join my revolution written on mirrors to get this shit out its seems a bunch of weirds yeah u heard ryt weird words if they can y cant i too put a whole lotta shit in this place and see if i can cause a riot in the name of peace oooooooooooo

hahahah whats the "o's" for?
 the o's are for affect im an effect thats gonna affect ya face and how u face the world ur everyday wil change once u now know my name its diamond yo yo yo haha :)
as happy as the slap i gave that men wen he had to say tha lack of trust coz of my past and reputation found i got my ass actual my neck strangle blacking out and hell .."miss this bitch now".. uve lost who ?,.... ..
..the best BITCH in the fucking world "GANGSTA" ??? ah na issac states "too pretty to be gangsta"
LMFAO im crazy does that make me normal in the current world we find we are all so try been me i have spirit friends.. and a lable of phycotic! but a kid i was that saw auras until i seven and now they wnna tell me i cant have an invisible friend at the age of 25? haha
they are now puting 2yr old childern on anti phycotic medication for that very fact seriously what are we teaching these pepole whoa re in control of what our brains are meant to be... why cant these kids get spirtual help instead a pill for a GOD GIVEN SKILL so so wrong ill be puting all my fights against thes drs into abook DRS take alook infact i myt just email the community menal health team my link and see what comments i get..
it took 6 male DRS and NURSES to hold me down and sedate me inject this into ur own vains u suckers u lacking direction its called ur soul.. holistic medicine would tell u u are so so wrong with what u labeling .. its people we are not a mental fucking illness did u ask what i know ohh i have faith in the lord but u betta not talk to him thats insane bitch..
 u myts well be the devil tryna tell me i aint got no soul.. u wrong DR ASTON i tell u y ask abitch thats sic if it ok to give her a label /// i was so sick of been in that room i just agreed with anything u sed..
 and then al of a sudden i was schitzophrenic and if this seems like i still am na its just if id been given the chance to be understood my family wouldnt think im still a mad bitch.. wen ryt now i put ur asses on fire id fire u if i was GOD!!!!
and guess what i am real at this and this is a real story in brief .. just wait for the book i requested my medical records and it sez i took heroin u fucking lyers did u eva ask me if that was real or do u think u can put nething in my permanent records ive neva touch that fucking shit im that stupid fuck what did u think i was nieve that id neva look into what u were writing about me..
well i have a copy of all of it except for the shit that u think i cant handle hahaha my records and u still hiding some from me. o well at 3 and a half inches thick i  think  ill be reading that shit oh yea and ill be looking into the privacy law as to what u can withhold from a labeled bitch this shit bout me i have every ryt to have it!!! im gonna get it too.. coz i got a point to prove! listening now im mad at u but not insane yea rediagnosed as a temopary illness of phycosis but its not gonna last according to the drs up hea in aucks!
i dont wanna leave u readers thea in the middle of my angry rant!
but i myyt just have ta!
i needa go and do some yoga to rebalance my energies whoops should believe thats even possible myt be a part of my label.. assholes! im gonna get on tv and talk about this! so watch ur moves a 2yr old on pills so so wrong!
and if u wondering how i no that it was onthe 6oclok news
and it seems im not finished yet... just waiting for a positive one poetry i wasnt even aloud a pen in the high needs unit of the mental place!
how was i sposed ta get out what i wanted.. i couldnt ah so what happened instead i spoke it well yeah in that drug fuckt state it didnt make much sense but now been sane i got lyrical ability to be this expression for all those who be in my position or who will be in the near future!

" high functioning!" they called me and i always will be try my height of functioning when im not insane id be worryed u little drs in ur narrow trained minds diamonds hea and this is whats to be said ...truth!
they asked me once "do u hear voices?" my response " if my thoughts are voices ...yes i do?!" they let me outa hospital that day.. defeat.. they to gave me bak my handbag with my oil and pin!! hahahahaah defeat again im gona beat u bastard reatard.. ur the ones who need a label that kills ur respect for urself!!!!! im diamond and ive figured u lot out drs
i gota go.. ill be positive next time.. just been dying to get this out!
weight on shoulders no more
thank you

Diamondsez xo

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