Saturday, 25 June 2011

a REALramble 4 u

this is the easy part.. the hard part of this heart is still so far from sight ..but  i know its gonna be one day wen i have to face the facts...this is not right hea.. my life i live is a fake reality i make the most of what ive got.. beyond that is what i really want.. beyond whats here i have no fear.. i know for what im striving but i cant seem to change the gears to get this life im driving outa hea.
you havent lost me u got me weneva u need me..its me thats lost..ive lost the way outa here.
infact at this hiding for the greater good of me..i cant tell u even lightly just half of what i want to say.its heavy.. a weight i want to share with the world... if only i was able to with out been classed as missing something... something as simple a sanity... im already labeled schitzophrenic..downgraded now to psychotic...ill tell u if u dont tell the drs about this shit im hiding..haha im not crazy jus have sum things that weigh on my mind wasnt that long ago that i was gonna take myself outa hea..but im living for the greater good of me.. the good side to life when i dont have to hide this will come to be... i know this ..infact i hear my 'voices' telling me the truth behind this body i like to call the bars.. this prison cell i fell into.. is locked from the inside.. thats ryt ..i locked the doors.. i locked myself in hea.. i can get out.. all i gotta do is turn that key thats gonna make me free .. a better me.. will show if i could just tell someone.. the truth.. yet i know so many know.. its just how sum may react if i spoke it out.. loud gonna shout it soon..... we can all be free... if we can jus see.. a few simple truths.. u all locked ur doors just like me.. u all hiding something.. its ur internal freedom.. its wealth beyond belief... its how we could have real world peace..ur piece to play is finding truthful inner ur soul.. find this.. its important.. i gotta find myne.. we all gotta find it.. its  wea the life of the spirit lives.. the soulspace beyond mind beyond physical...beyond time..the sky is the limit......or should we keep living outa sight outa mind ?!?!?!

a ramble 4 u
Diamondsez xo

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