Wednesday, 22 June 2011

this is all about my poetry..sometimes i rap. words only.. wonders created..welcome!

so im sick of listening to the music and notdoing nething with what ive got, as an introduction i write nice poetry that could be sung to folk music and then i write if u can bear that.. welcome..ull also have to excuse my spelling/slang!
so to start ryt now i feel like a rap is comming to me.. but i want to explain a bit first..i will be going bak through my books and books of poetry and blogging it in here ill let you know when its an old lot of words or just a freestyle..or whateva it may be! please comment good or bad let me always up for whats gonna help one improve.
also if u have any questions bout me or what im doing writing this ..just not easily offended so more than happy to respond when i can...

if u pass this test and u accept those terms and conditions of being here i must say welcome to u..
if u think ud do it better maybe u should piss off and let me be me.. im hea for a reason if u ant found ur reason nd u looking in my direction.. maybe u should find u..inside that is bout u ask that "man in the sky" as u say! i think u mean the maker of all, so find that all puposefull position and find ur higher ground to stand on b4 u go looking in my direction and tryna shove me down the drain..coz it aint gonna work so get used to me been here, oh and excuse the loud music and bad language this is me wen im in this flow of freedom to speak.. spoken making a potion u cant refuse..u want higher come to me ..ill take u beyond the air..where theres no gravity either, but we stil be flying higher than all this shit.. so come with me for a ride through the darkest bright skies.

peace to all.. there will be more
xo diamondsez

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