Tuesday, 28 June 2011

freestyle writing from early june '11

and you thort u knew me
you didnt think id do this now did you

fighting fires in the places of random words
-birds flying past my eyes
-crying dying inside..wondering why... do i find this life aint mine?
gotta live it tho.. just for a lil more tym to conquer the battle of this minefield, (reeled) in wot others said.. making this the last laugh in all of ya heads..
and a smile on ur face..brings me outa space
4 real ... takingup the waste of these thinking downward spiral games.. im not playing but yip {yes} i will be saying and staying and paving my way with the little that ive got here in my day.
skills, drills.. drip feed the exicution of the destiny..my word polution.. loud..
understanding .. making ya ears ring..heads think .. souls sing
here i give what i can bring
over to the next line..
wine.. and wondering why birds fly?
seriously not giving a shit.. we all die.. up to the skies they say one day we will all be!

the other nyt...

u think 2000 and 11 yrs later Jesus is still wearing the same robes... i can tell u that as the world has turned so too has heaven grown...
our greats up thea wait till its there turn to return.. we got enuf time to make this a place.. that one day jesus can return to without been scared of his lifes sacrafice been a waste like it may have been seen in some eyes.. if u think about it.. it wasnt so we could keep sinning.. it was so we could keep living...making mistakes so we can keep growing learning the leasons as ta y were here.. sub consiously i know ur knowing this is a possibility

and now..

u wanna know me? i know u do.. look in my direction fuck dont stare now! just listen
and what do u see..??? with those ears? what do u hear with ur eyes.. i say this to u coz i know u soo fucking confused!! u c the thing is im pretty.. clear bout this shit.. i now know im not crazed...but i can see beyond what you do. i can see ryt through to ur soul... u dont believe me do you.. well guess what i see further than anyone has seen before..
i had a dream i was walking through the Gods own garden.. yet i was awake so they told me it was a delusion.. so what!! dream when u awake fuckas.. and u deluded ..fuck drs..mental lacking in faith fucks! what eva happend to the ability to astral travel? ha not reality.. ill prove them all wrong one day!

coz i c u 2 ryt behind my back
standing in the doorway waiting for me to turn my head
its weird
but im not scared to put this here..
im jus waitng for real doors to open.. im gnna kick those fucking doors down
i wish it were now..

hows that for a taste of reality?!

Diamondsez xo

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