Monday, 4 July 2011

diamond style!!! comp entry for (the game) -"pot of Gold "- as seen on fb

diamond style!!! comp entry for (the game)  been home ...aint nothing i wanna leave....
but that pot of gold got me/... searching up in my mind and up in this life/ for whats left to find?...
. upon this place of mine .before we part more/ lets make this tru war.
/.peace/ we should be fighting for /..inside each of us /we want that dolla gold. ...
real worth is so much more .... inner wealth/ be ryt here /in all of us ..
.thats the  real / pot of gold.. /. it comes with peace but in pieces we seem to be.
.. land and skies lie before me/ yet still i c the truth/ u dont (seem to) see the seems that need mending// as i sed u are living dead wrong/ look beyond ur fucking self..

find ur own...rainbow..with ur real/ pot of gold... ur true soul

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