Tuesday, 5 July 2011

put eminem on and see what happens please in need a beat......

ouch my head hurts from this shit
mummy should i cry to u again that im insane up hea in this nora mal cee
25yrs gone and my spirits more than strong for what i got ta give so hea we go again...

my ears are ringing... but i bet not as much as yours wen u hear me singing... coz u know im the best at this ... so switch the alarm off bitch and put ur head at rest.. and just listen to whats been sed.../i sed im the best/ bitches/ so dont even try and deny urself...the listening pleasure/ when im saying this/u cant fight/ what?/ wat ur soul knows is ryt/ ur mind is asking u how she can do this/ but you know what to do/ jus shut up and let it flow ryt through you/

ooooo!!!! :P

now u got me on a mad rant..skank!/ yeah you thats who... think i cant talk coz i neva been in ur shoes....i dare you to ask wat i been through...
go on try me?!
":but shes white G" is she?
yea funny that....is there abit of racist shit up in ur mind or perhaps a steriotype for this kinda life writing..rap this! :P
look deeper and understand that these hear wordscame straight outa gods plan...so take a second look doughting wat u seeing too/ yea im a lady not a bitch arse.. (like what u see wen u look in the mirror at ur face) look in ur eyes i suggest u give it a try ...windows to the soul.. ...memory space..i lost ya..so(s) so "i say lots ya.."
u know by the time u put this on for a second tym....and actually recognis that line...as a direct order...or suggestion...i bet you wanna take a look at whats behind this life.....look at ur own i told ya...but looking at me ..isnt it interesting what u see...

diamondsez xo         

point to note......Em sign me x

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