Tuesday, 5 July 2011

something nice for you.....

havent done this kinda writing for a while..
hmm this is weird world..something becomes the "norm" ...for who/
you? and i also!
so to attempt/ i shall say/ i will not try at all/ a sense of fear it poses/ so to attempt ..i will be on my way..as u find this left behind ..please ask y?(to urself) .
...dont ask y im here this time/ u dont wanna know the tale behind the tiger pouncing on her pray/im gnna get this game/ my nirvana cards arnt falling at my feet)
these temptations in the way i say this... im jus serenading with styles classd as from above what u reading....
or say it this way/ these expectaions of my own/ these choices/ i will not forget...

regret i want not to know

thus making for a learning...in a happiness of how to grow.
i ask thee not for an opinion just acception of the facts... yes...i could say it all nicely.... and put it through to u like light...or what? u may ask... /is for lightning to strike /done it could be if this truedom/ with thus/ thought place we find ...learning what you need to know in ur true soul.... truedom...a place u should know/ just think about ur real wants/
ask deeper literally / for a space in between the right shoulder /left heart/ (head/mindspace)/ and solar plexus..k

and that was nice wasnt it ?! 

diamondsez xo

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