Friday, 3 February 2012


if u cant see wha tthis paper looks like in my wallet and into the tiller today i got wat i want. wagy woble not on ur hands this is miss vixen........ missed dimond lost her top N TURNED IN TO THE  gloss  speaking making u wnder past the shops straight to my ass. making u wonder how u ever lived without... me as diamond or vixen miss... put beautifully im the world of gurls represented in one body i make naked look like free fire. wen i move i lik like i like ryt up u. top to toe or toe to top of the place inm which u believed it was wrong to be spoken of. but i am the feminest of today so why c ant i be as does by a man obn a daily strive. knotches uo on that .. i tredated them worse than they couldve treated me as their hoe is what they hoped... yet.. haha they they they were mine mine ... unwanted trash up on that ass.. mixed in my glass vodka lime an and diamonds lemonade asked glossed up miss vixen approaches and the music saved u look at what was gaved.given.. never before this kinda liven mixen miss vixen!

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