Sunday, 12 February 2012


me n u could make cute, speak wildness, me n u culd make sweet ,drown u in insane, yeah me n u could make for a greater understanding that if any, only few can.
make time for me in those future plans even if its jus as a bitch you say , na my position working up in the world the rite way. one day ill be there in the only way planned because thats jus what u promised u could. if only i would. ur there im here so whats left but up in our heads, dreaming if only we could, me n u could make soundful musical magic more than the blessings weve been handed, this skill got me screaming, making dealings beyond compare but reality this is not here, to be heard as what this stands as.. diamonds got miss vixen and tangled the two in time ull see,, this is all just me sarah lucy miss perry miss vixen diamond and gloss princess of light shinning now with too many names just for extra pleasure after the alter egos gone how much left is me. does it matter that this is some blessed thing it seems so so now goodbye.

Take this each day, you get ta see a real reality. All I see is you sitting as fame. In this game plan im as sane as ‘ever’ could provide…if ever the truth sings thru. I could say im proud but yet to see is the result so can pride even come into it, yay a ah na,

yes this is the bit that tells you, you cant ask me just wat ur thinking with out offence been taken,, coz i know what ur wanting and im not so sure..ur gnna get nuthing more than a smile. so go walk away in ur stride with the little pride urve got left, 

making u drive faster in that seat that u claim is ur fun, bought from the dollas urve grown. Puffing up in wat u see.

Its not what u were thinking this must be diamond, im still tryna find the divide between her and the dream miss vixen.. vix entering to get ur fix of shot unto the wall of living beaming deemed classes above the rest. Up to the best to see where this could go.. hoe. oh no..not the vixen in me.
Vixenised before your time.. this is the begginging and beyond diamonds fine lines….sez u spoke up in the rawest realest to provoke sumthing to rage the mind more than dope.. or the dopest. Mistakes are made in these faces. Yet success can be seen in one face left to dream…

Short an sweet its not easy to be when urve broken so many hearts…taken apart ur own soul for doing so…
Making this one last till the last laugh tears us apart
If you could step into this markd spot, making u go go go boi into my start breaker placement could be urs in this hot tub next to miss vixen into you for sure I could just say theres more than two im into you. Making you go go go boi for me. Oowe how it be that I could say this to you without a care in the world.. well well well that’s jus how I know ya see, youd be, if there were another way to be and to see.

I could do this big life.. living life above the ground walking all the way down to be seen like the sun hot beyond fireing heat, liking these chains but im wanting sapphires and diamond rings.. I want ta act in a life I know about..not this game of battles surviving on a blessing and a prayer.

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