Sunday, 11 March 2012

i wanna type sum nice poetry 4 me n u. but fuck it it not wats wanted to be expressed from this minds emotional times... herts hearts and heads dont mix well ya make it more than that... make it this.. next bit is me writing wanting ta sing..singing quetly...writing the dream slowly. designing the dreaam engraved into me. if it was then and this is now here was there after or before being on that square, curcle working the qurk of life, wife i wish to be but that means playing nice. put down that knife dont do dat again.. oneday you could find ur truth.. takes time tho.. and there u go.. that was my attempt to drop the suiced not one to sing of that 45 murder in my book..death, isnt sumthing to give to urself or sumone else....death is givin by god.. have some real faith.. dont lill in the name of. y u y do y get to? just for selfish minds,, to fix that crime upon his head, he should be dead.. fuck no. whoa white joe put down that gun,, whoa black joe put away that thought of deadly fun. immune to it you may be,, but that knida thing aint for the god i see. that flag may have ur hearts colours.. but that flag dosnot make u a law unto urself.

{{labled the savage of my gurls
protcting was wat i did.. from those creepy men wanting one thing.. if u wernt so lucky ur arse slap would result with u and a hit up in ur face.. no slap hit back.. but jabbed as i the mentality was there just not to the extent of one with the same casual approach to killing oneself or another.}}

wat a day in this machine. if i could describe it to its full extent i would.. but like Heaven not a being could do this day justice. until i grow old ill hold onto that gratitude i heve. never letting this dissapear.. onto this i hold. breath

with all the strength of the creator ..than..this created machine

you you inspire may u inspire june.. in reality u inspire me in every month and moths that fly by in the nights light... u inspire to rid the wrath..

taking last dances
taking too many unsure chances
risks without conciqunce in my thought
wrong lookout
dance past times lady tik tok
dance past the sun

to find just that a return to the classic of writtin word turned into rap.. if u would readit in that tone
all of it all of me,, this is it didnt u know.

i wouldnt call wat i feel an inadiquit thought or sumthing about nothing... it jus takes u a while to read it write. over 400 sumthings now come visit summore..or sumthing give u sumthing to do..
ah fuck that like thats wat i wanted to do sumthing sumthing sumthing is you that i should do. . b dats u.
i want it crazy like u cant belive and thats how u give to me . excitment on every turn in every day.. and then theres ur nice arse oooh.

seriously all yo' out there..ya chains are nice.. chain aire.. million arie....billions just live dick....straightfward shit mitchs... millionaire bitchs.

down here finding so much to wait for to reach my dreams. you say i couldve by now.. of that im aware thanks for the faith... but dirty 30 sits nice with me... more...down here below finding abovities being this aboveness and wha tthat seems, above me..above u

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