Monday, 4 July 2011

hey the alarm clock is inthis and this is jus what i feel is ryt this minute only the posible option for me/ "wont back down" thea i finnaly gave u the ansa to the fucking ringin shock /clocking ths the best way to mesure this is a wont bak down shit think this hot i aint even gonna ask?!1!.... if u got it ? (2) if u want it i can do this so yes all this in our time is happening man i know ur making a diffrence u think i take too long/ well i cna tell u this is not just my card..on no now it is hea 4sure..this a start u neva made..sing to me one more time? i appreciate our powers so lets make this chicken chowder instead of chickshit asswholes!!! read that twice thats what i sed this is me and our dreams so(s) kl/let /not u can(t)/ so be proud, stand tall/ i can ...and he got that bit so shit hea again i tel u ur thougts are not what makes u but i no u hearing what i say i want it this way for all of us make it true- its my favourite word but i guess not yet do u wanna know that bit..but i got so much more so drop my thought let it be.., let u listen and c what u hear?

Diamondsez xo

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