Saturday, 9 June 2012

the tRAP

U got nething to say that aint nething other than stank rap yeah im about to degrade my words as bad as you do and say that your words are as bad as that stank rap saying shit that mytas well  be smelly meat. While here when I put that there its worth just what I speak to be listened to.

Oi fuck that’s where music has got to singing bout spaggetti and  meetballs. Im gonna change that chore in my airways. Listing to you is a bore. It’s a War on my mind thinking that music is sposed to be revolutionary not polutionary to our way of being.

And there u go again saying bby im bak say that before I snap, insane in my fucking brain and I don’t give up the chains u place around me. Coz those chains im rattling in ur head.
and u know the worst thing about this lil story is that im bord with the way u walk and then again ill state im bord with ur old game.

Time to step up to the mark u set with the first brain dead lp. Well in opinion of diamond yeah me, im switching u to -missed the spot , or was it mr what?

Yeah that’s what im saying whats wrong today ladies, under wea are u hiding that fucking hip pop rap shot in ur top spots im gnna knock down that fucking peddastool  u think ur safe on. One sound on every second trak is just annoying nik tik on the bak of my neck.

Retaliation of the state of American nations. Winning the prize of fame , claiming only hoe town games. With men that expect just the same.

Currpting youth with the enticement of ur so called sophisticated lives. Try on a soft cut of cloth that covers ur twat then ill think twice about calling u suga da da dum and hoe hound. Impounding ur sound to the class of time to say goodbye again and never to return. Oh brain draining music go away and never come again not any other day. 

Take that lumpsumit and find a solution a resolution …did rap really come from the soul isn’t it poetry in the modern world,?
coz that’s not what im seeing or hearing from u its all the same party time world throw ur hands up and get low.
don’t drive that shit slow I wat u to know I go hard if u wanna c me make u proud I could stand rite next to yall and find u all fall while I stand tall,

even though its the og shorty al whyt and while u stunt and swag ur way round the world in ur costume.. tighter I could make my skills but while im here im gnna do this rite and write this.  this way is how u will get it otherwise ud be mezmorised by my style.
That even I fall into the trap of rapping that type of rap im saying is so boring ova and ova again have I gone on all night ud see me swite speak write when only its allright.

Sweet dreams masters and so called queens. Here I go with my style of swag up in ur zone and u don’t know if u wanna accept that this is the best ive found just for now I never said it was forever so don’t look that way at me especially when Im in a beat and swing of tha cut pick of ur rut

then step up of ur toes and onto walking on water. So up there lifting u to be levertaing when u hear what I do coz that’s u know who lucy in the sky with diamonds bound to make you high.

and in the eyes of who u speak which is urself u see, u think u can fucking fly with ur slap swag on whats that u say fuck figurit,  slap swag is the way a woman hits aman when she puts here booty walk on that’s if she aint a skeleton on the cat walk. Coathanger figure is not me curved from top to thigh ,that’s knotch ten on the whats good bout diamond now belt that ive hit u with

Well well how high now can I take you. To space fool and beyond. Stars shine and u cry now uve herd my fool song dedicated to the revenge of dragons yet im a tiger pounceing when im ready not when u think u should click those fingers rub a lamp and magically I appear wouldn’t that be not fear. Do so I am working at this .taking time before time falls

well when it becomes unsuperficailal and becomes to be speaking of ways of whats here in our world and beyond ill ask forgiveness from you for this mix. 

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