Saturday, 9 June 2012

raw mary

i have found you
looking through glass doors

what am i gnna put on this one

heres diamond im ready

do it do this

i got what they call the way, /
a ladys sway she..walks, talk../
im a lil dirty manner
 can u cope / roped in
with the raw/ truth of waht
/ i really want to say/
so well here it goes its filth/k
and this is gnna go/
 up beyond diamonds words..
 im gonna have ta call on the worst /
of me and all my alter egos.
. miss vixen is here to drop it to the top.
i dont wanna have to say this..
but play this

droping  beat .u think
think i cant make it saaw/
sour  grap
/u say ah ha na im thats u.
sweeter than carameled suga.... is me
the taste of me is more than a wild wonder in this world
 infact its the top 10 platnum wonder of this world diamonds child not for ur destiny but a select few of wisdom sitting in the tree of greenary. vip i will be with this beat

high as a lady killer everyday so how well can i do it to this sheet

straght down the middle is where i got it/
 where i will always want it everyday now. ill make ya grab ur lackerd sac and hard handle that.. mass mess u made from the wandera days

cum on..shot in her face..chased down with tequela and lime.. its time to watch only wats fine...missed mine.. diamonds trix on miss vixen. wondering why i gotta get myne im on time..sori ma if ur questioning this.. if its imbarrasing u sori again this is wat i gota do with my madness names diamond miss vixen gloss watever u wanna call me my names sarah lucy thats the boss of this. shhhot

so dont shy away from this street... gaurd the shokt top step to the place before where u whept just spose i swept u away with the things i say

well i have i know dat
not hard to figure out away

to find this music up in my day and in ur face.. in ur head is where im seated but not for long soon well be up in the club... shorty they say do ya thang
swang that ldy killa swag on while ur
all ryt



topd and rolling
toked and calling

mary jane i love that name

superwoman and her games


we all have grab it an gravitate toward ur dreams. me im in my ego when i write but thats not me in everyday life.

its my way to treat me how i love to fear id be treated. learning do i dont have to cry when i lie in bed on my own.
this truth i own, and here id like to say its not all raw and ruff its raw reality of this old slut as sum would look down in on my life and assume i am, raw reality shows that this life is not all i am. i could succesed again, i could reach my dreams again. i could train my speech to be somethin of meaning.

but instead i  ri riot this rot of truth about the life i live and whats actual and the raw not sur i like my everyday but thats just ok coz theres one in my daily li-high life, miss mary the green healer inhaling and making me choke in my dreams laking motivation and jus chillin no matter the weather whether or not my brain rots im smoking away those catchable dreams, the paper and the green dream seems to be what i choose. when i look twice it dosnt seem like it shoulda been my life.

insanity in every song diamonds not on this moment of grown stories in this straight track forwards, ur listening to what sez saying it twice it cuts deeper than any knife, its soul pain to know yes ill say it again do i sacrifice my brain for this life, just to smoke up what boredom brings

trix in everystep in this life sumones fooling you, dont be suprised to find these words instead of what was introduced to be vixen. it seems raw marys dreams stop short of the oceans and what from the otherside you could see.

in any form im here to dance and feel joy again, its movement form the soul. i will retuen. and raw mary will always deture me while i let that be, i shouldnt complain, my life aint so hard. ive learnt how to see the ego in me. raw mary take me away one last time.

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