Saturday, 9 June 2012


introducing. haha!

sarah is my birth name
lucy is me
diamond is emotional and good
gloss is diamonds twin as lucy is to sarah
miss vixen is the raw rapper
sez is the nic that spits
now u get all of me and u beeen waiting for more of thiis
4 views 2day and i wish who u are u like waht u see.
what ur seeing is the beggining of an effort to get outa here
and to where sez speaks
i gave myself 7yrs thats till im 30 and im getting there
from the east of this land.. but left here living in the west. feeling outa place and outa home where do u go when u gotta speak more than what u walk
to the lords door i look to u
am i better at he poetry or the rap whats the difference when u talk the truth of how it is
reality bein its here and the rawity is the rush whether ur whoteva
dont forget where u stand but where ur from
i know who i am and i know where im from
wairoa wish i was home.
for the most of this i got more to say
but ur gonna run away coz at this time ur reading wats hot and not at the ease of ear
stay with me as thia is history in the making listening to snoop, but being so underground.. i dont even have a beat yet
of my own
i will crawl
i will stuble
i will the walk
i know i will stand strong
and in wondering how not to fall i know better
not even at a height able to fall from yet

trailing all to find my place  to set my feet but nowhere feels sane and safe in mind
so there it was and how much laughter in ur eyes
ive found so much of me but
how can this be that i still cant see
well check me in is it  loving the music
and knowing im gonna make ya crazed ya
missd matched words never meant a thing
so ur wondering if i can sing
music is me
love is never freedom
so dont forget to be
and if u  cant be in ur love .. leave

really is that right?!

father  ..master of what we all here know is good..
(women, drink, ladys and greenary,isnt that right b/oi)
making this happen some other day
as of now its easy to be this.. but to get further im looking up to find alil star that aint been seen before.. what on im looking in the mirror and finding that diamond star shining so glossed up
i want u to now this aint the half of life, the others beyond those golden gates of heavens doorway
the roads long but hardly at all, is it sumthing that we talk? wen it should have been/ wen we r not sposed to be here much longer. .
does that old king Jesus still seak.. retired of whats higher we will find
this is just the time
travelling up....all my life flying by in ur mind
making anyfool look behind and the good guy fall
thats what i do with words that ull kick the bak of the ball jus to find that game u playing was all by urself.. ur lifes nuthing compared to me
miss vixen and diamond breaking what sez threw ur way
and u thought u could say shot to the peple but that mess on ur face must hurt as ur hustling ur way through life just like my man does for me to have what i need.. but thats not whats important its music art and a hiher faith.. muny may be sumthing we need to live in this world.. but in more important eyes its the faith of whats higher.. u or me.. i can bet my blunt today was bigger than the words u speak.
mary jane bleeding into me poor bitch dont realise her life will neva be ova coz we all love her.

saint mary magdalene loved jesus but what happen to her reputation after her doing what it took to survive, most christ lovers frown upon her when she was blessed enuf to evn be that close to him. none of us can say int his life we have had that kind of respect from a king.

speaking is this.. talking is tales of wit and this messed up space.

 i wonder why.
if i fly to you
anywhere in the world 
one more time
if i cry
you would too
and when the sun sets 
so does the turn of tunes
isnt it time we started to make for a new way.
if u care should u dare to state that 
and the way that it should be
just like ud like to see it

stop living a lie with the way u stand there shaking ur head. before ur even asked to make a stand. a step up from where u stood before

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