Sunday, 21 April 2013

weather man

swing thru the air
beautiful souls stand near
so u get to hear the new race
is disgraced as a world
in agreement arnt we all
no im wrong well then
read the next line

u come thru looking behind ya
and over ur back while u lay flat
i stand tall with a shot of poppy syndrome
back to reaching ur goals and bits
of time that in which u can say
successes u got
u got ur way

failin into evil
here comes u.. to ur death
dying here trying
I am
so u can be gone so long
because im sick of being and been wrong

till november when the sun shines again
i gotta get sum shady shadows upon my face
thru the pain of the window
glass house smashd on christmas eve
cash injections into the heart on my sleave

so play it any way
like little children u r
and will always stay
hey hey
im not diggin my own grave
im digging urs
so u can jump in
and realise dead and gone
is where u belong

u got it yet
im doing u a favor digging
the last bed you shall sleep in
the death of u
is what the weather man predicted
so hear me know as the rain comes down
just dance and sing lalallast song ull ever know

and then to look up again
and see god
silence now
is not what we need
we need to be awakend to the realities

but u cant speak
bullet in ur back
light opens and u go down
and begin to drown
and the light turns to flames
and u realise
hell is where ur going
no surprise to me
ur successes were the sequel
to evil and the devil
if u cant beat em then join em
beaming signs
now u wont be scheming
me again
and if u try to scheme the devil and his many men
ull find ur hell is the sound of flames licking ur pain and screaming dreams
thats if ur able to sleep
while the puss from ur life wounds seep
u need soap and disinfectant for ur life in the depths of hell

the lambs limbs gnna chase ya
face it u failed
so a life long time of lies and mediocrity belief systems
an option u had to be so good in ur days
and now u regret the bet u made with life

sun shining
it must be november
gone till
i remember
heat hot
crying with no shame
the dust will settle
if u get scared of hell then tell me
will u look upward in this life
its worth the walk at the end in to the light
so u dont end in the fight of heavens opposite home
and inside out we all here to show the truth the way and the light
so stop the pity full fight
dont belive everything u hear
coz we are here so be good to this ground that everyday ur feet step on
be kind to the people u see and meet
dont judge the collarmen and media as gospel

incessantly is the fickle man, making his plan
so tune changes and the following the real rules
the rest of these verses were found

and then the weather man made one last prediction
of a love for life love of the beat
love for height
love for the right
love of earth
the love of our birth to beauty
people see
we are the heaven lost to be found again
if we cant find it here
where are u going
another life reincarnated time to repeating the tick of the clock face
new lesson on ur new street
another shot at faith and controlling ur fait in this hard life
advertising gets amongst ur brain
persuasion of the truth in this creation
makes me sick ever day

walk in the nature
run into the future
be ur truth
to meet the maker
of the true in this creation
walk as an angel does
toward the life in which wealth is about holistic health

monetary wealth isnt the aim
thats just the white collar mans game
media shame

music gain
true representation as to where the world is at
dont party like its ur last life
love like its ur last life

im no tool in the game of money money money
im more than letting myself sell out for the wrong time
i will claim my place though
here is where i stand
dont need your money to hold my hand
money is my tool
im not a tool  to money
he money
she money
we money
we all gotta be money makers
but we dont have to be fakers

thats why i thank this land
spirit show them thats what we gotta understand
ur out there reaching and paying a fee to be pretty
here teaching the biggest lesson all for free to create tru wealth and perfection
souls are our true teachers
ur soul got sumthing to say to u so fucking listen

the mist of the falculty of evil deeds
is winning this
when it was due to lose
u gotta be true
wait stop dont shoot
i had a dream

to live another way
so lets give it a go
i may be a dreamer of faith
that may be my flaw in our time
i know though im heading higher for good

i had a dream
GOD and I will walk thru the gardens of heaven
i had a dream
that this creation survived "US"
i had a dream
that the world was made of love
i had a dream
GOD is proud of our survival
i had a dream
and so we all did see
truth and beauty

love all

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