Friday, 26 April 2013


u play ur part
tasked as the masked man
hiding inside my mind
im telling u i dont like it like that
so so sew it all together
stich ur mouth shut and then try to state
to me and say along with me.. to=get= her
is all u gotsta.. got star get

to have an extra hand
so heres the plan
i am stan-d-ing more and more
closer to the call
and and i worn
u that in comparison to who u
I my.. hold it.. me hang on.. me aw fuck what im tryna say is
Im hot and u jus  a
warm worm in the bottom of a tequila bottle
wat u say is pitiful and im board of all the birds
that wanna eat u lil worm as a treat
in the morn or am
you ooo-ing thin,king u king
well then sing
a song that makes u number sunshine again

or u could just take it all away
playing this game
yeah its funny aint it
that 4 u its making money
4 me this skill is how i tell
you- i got sumthing more than
this picture of an affliction
of mr mezzing
this im sezzing the
meaning messing with the real
meaning the miss mistaken rap
raw mary and all what the alter dreams
says is what was ready
at the time ..u say i choke but in reality
u know now this is the rope to hang to
and thru to the truth
that was all she wrote
of wat is truely true
a typical note
middle c
i see my dreams
so eloquently

them up there like dancer or prancer blitz-en in bits an
most of u think u is a lamb or a ram of christ
oh shit that wasnt wise
chosen to do sumthing nice in this diced game
plain and simple usa fuckng dimple on the the cheek
of lies and sin
u think they pikd u
ill prick u with the pins and needles freak
u all pop sheep playing for history keep sakes
in this fake society
heres the rair hiar fires and there hear me rioting
while u sleep on ur feet
like a shop of treats
Im lyrically sweet'
hahahaha now wheres my beat

coz m about to loose my mind
i needa fuckng DR on time
to buy me a label of the insane kind
why do i drink this wine
when it could be water
why do i sit in yearn to learn from the master
of creational disasters im asking now the taskers
the do'ers and real real masters
this is not the plaster to hold it together

only my soul will stand
in the modern testament
of lights and signs
sirens and chymes
alarms and charms
yeah im the one ur after
comming up last to have the last laughter
haha its funny that laughter and slaughter are the same word it is jus an s
yes that would be semantically sentencing happiness to a death wish
if u get me bitch
hitch another knotch in this belt
coz i felt im winning this one
ha hun isnt it fun

celebrity calibre u see me there
thats me saying i got a shot at this
and blunt bullets ready and lined up
4 u mutts so stop the hit of disclassed crude fake arses
on my tv screen and radio
it IS death to the woman of the dream team America scene
score 1
u betta run
from war
nth korea
dosnt like what u r doing to the world
from ur westen besten hiper glipsen disn those who aint got a show
a show of shoes whos got the best well on our feet we all got atleast
two nails
dont fail me

but i think ill jus snailed all yas in ya fancy cars
yeah id ratha throw snails at you and hope it hurts
than really shot u down with this war of words

but thats not the mantra i wanted to take
so stop
before i miss my mistakes
fait remains my savor
to my taste i place 
a step into this 
with some form of grace
thank U God

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